Friday, January 15, 2010

A Short Response

Jeremy, we both know this is exactly what you did and we both know the reason you had to resort to this was because there's no legitimate evidence for you to find on me. Only one of us is a convicted child sex offender and that one isn't me.

But you are right that I choose not to post comments on the AZU blog anymore. I don't need to post comments there to demonstrate when they (and you) are wrong as I simply post them here. It's the same as you choosing to post any responses to me, or comments about me, there rather than here.


oncefallendotcom said...

AZU changed their comment boards because they got tired of hearing the truth about them and afraid to be called out on their lies. That, and so that way they can impersonate others so they can try to generate interest for their bullshit site.

AZU is simply using the same trick from their playbook, the "so-and-so is connected to a pedo" play. Sorry Stitchy, but you need a new playbook.

Voice of Reason said...

What they fail to grasp is that it wouldn't matter if I was actually a paedosexual or if all my best mates were paedosexuals: the points I make would be relevant regardless. They think that by smearing the person asking the questions, the questions themselves somehow no longer matter but they couldn't be further from the truth and everyone can see that.