Friday, April 17, 2009

Deep Thoughts Pt5

Quote from Logue Hater

I imagine a search of Derek's hard drive would turn up some things that would put him in prison.

Enjoy your disability (and freedom), Derek. While it lasts.

Yes Logue Hater, we all know what sort of imagination you have. This is your second time being featured in Deep Thoughts after being the inaugural scumbag in the series for your unforgivable pleasure derived from fantasies of Derek being raped.

So you know Derek has things on his hard drive that would put him in prison? Of course not. It's all in your warped imagination.

You are one seriously sick individual.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Pot. Kettle. Black.

Terrence is a shitbag! Worse!

His poetry is an admission of rape if you ask me. Who in the hell would write that and expect to be taken as anything BUT a child molester?!

Oy vey. The perversion is bad enough, but the pretension? Unforgivable.

You don't like pretentious poetry Rob? Have a read of this drivel from the queen of pretentious, untalented hacks; Violent Leaves. I realise she's had a hard life but that's still not an excuse for inflicting such bland crap on everyone else.

I can't sleep. Can't fall asleep. Can't stay asleep.

My anxiety about not being able to go to sleep is overwhelming.

I want to sleep.

One night I was awoken at approximately 3am to the knowledge someone was trying to take my blankets off.

I knew who they were when I saw their face

although the face was someone I had never met.

They were trying to get me to get up and do something.
I had to do something.

Nothing more annoying than being woke up by an invisible spirit for a job and yet cannot get the message of what that job is.

Call me a nut call me a fruitcake.

I might agree.

I got out of bed the next morning to a message on the phone left at 9 am
"Wilma died last night".

I went to the window and looked down the mountain towards Wilma's house.
She was old and a very sweet lady.

She was buried next to my Mother a few days later.

Is the Earth an aching empty belly begging for flesh to filled its depth?

Do spirits remember their night of suffering laboring breath while the flesh gives way letting go finally to release the energy that 
once was you?

I held Mother's hand and promised to hand her to Jesus.

All the hours hearing her labored breath
wondering if she was aware
I was there
the deep pains filling and refilling the wounds
I had to let go
of her.
It was final
even this would be dismissed.

Her legacies written with invisible ink
told by unknown people who were too busy to attend her funeral.

~She didn't want to see them before she died
-she didn't want them hovering over her
-sad eyes
-she was ashamed
we all are as we face God~

Legacy of love:
being loved and forgiven
then loved again.

Let me make it clear for those who are not particularly sharp: I'm not laughing about or mocking child abuse, or the abuse Violent Leaves claims she endured. I'm just mocking awful 'poetry'. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Deluded Notions Pt1

Post addressed to Derek 

That said, if you wish to continue engaging Stitches and my other friends in the manner you have been, you should be prepared. You're on my radar now too; you haven't had to deal with me so you have no idea what I am capable of. Underestimate me at your own risk.

Ha ha ha... I bet he's terrified.