Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tick Tock Jeremy

How about if I call you a raving fucking pedophile, and you can sue me for ruining your "good" name. It shouldn't be too difficult for you. (After all, I don't hide behind a screen-name.) That way, I won't be bothering you by asking someone to prove me wrong because all I'll have to do is prove that I'm right. And I can, Jack. If you were half as intelligent as you try to appear, you'd know this. Care to try me?

Of course your logic is as flawed as always. You're working on the assumption I actually care about what you call me. I don't. But feel free to go ahead and 'prove' your assertion.. you don't need a lawsuit to do that do you? I'm certainly interested to hear what you consider proof.

The AZU jokers subscribe to the old principle of "A lie repeated often enough will eventually be considered truth". Their way of dealing with people who don't accept without question everything they say is to start calling them paedophiles or paedophile enablers or blame gamers or some other equally vacuous 'insult'. The idea is if they say it often enough it'll just become accepted as a fact regardless of the truth of the matter.

Jeremy stated I'm a paedophile and claimed he has proof. I challenged him to go ahead and prove his claim but, rather predictably, he's gone completely quiet on the topic. As usual, he made a completely baseless allegation and has been caught out in his lie. So, I thought it would be fun to add a timer to the left navigation bar that will just keep counting from the time I challenged him to prove his claim until the time he does so. He won't do this as, quite simply, he can't. He knows he's been totally owned and every minute that passes on my clock shows him as a bigger fool.

Do I care to try you Jeremy? I sure do.

Tick tock


Anonymous said...

Is Jeremy still swinging from stitches penis?

You are exactly right about AZU. Their nothing but a bunch of bullies, and if you don't 'take their word for it' you are accused of all kinds of stuff.

Jeromy is not helping himself hanging out with that crowd. Anyway it goes-fuck 'em

Anti-Static said...

Ha ha ha. Good one!! They've been able to get away with making unsubstantiated claims for too long. You've really exposed Static as the fraud he is. I bet you'll never get a response from him as he only likes to bully people and can't handle it when they call his bluff. Keep up the good work.

oncefallendotcom said...

"Is Jeremy still swinging from stitches penis?"


Anonymous said...

hahaha.. has he still not shown his 'proof' that you're a pedo? what a LOSER!!!!