Tuesday, February 23, 2010

RIP Trinity Bates

I can't begin to understand what would make someone abduct and murder anyone.. let alone a beautiful child. Trinny had her whole life ahead of her and will now never have the opportunity to reach her full potential. If there was such a thing as evil, this would have to be it. It's at times like this I wish there was a heaven for people like Trinny and a hell for people like her killer. Sadly neither place exists but if people want to believe in them, well good luck to them.

I really hope the person responsible for this is caught soon and feels the full weight of the law. I'm sure no-one in Bundaberg will feel truly safe until he/she is caught and appropriately dealt with.

RIP Trinny... no one will forget you.

Link to story

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Psycho & The Simpleton

Ahhh.. further folly from the shit-for-brains at AZU.

First, a truly disturbing post from The Psycho:

Holy crap.. I really hope this person doesn't have children as there's something seriously wrong with him/her and clearly any children in his/her care would be at very real risk. If Marina truly cares about the wellbeing of children, she will immediately contact the authorities and pass on this person's IP so he/she can be traced and investigated.

After that truly frightening post, some humour is needed to lighten things up and, as usual, it comes from AZU's resident court jester: Clay Keys.

ROFL!! Clay is still banging on about not being a paedophile as though his sexual orientation has any relevance at all. He may not be a paedophile but his criminal record proves he's a child abuser and that is far, far worse than being a paedophile. The majority of paedophiles (and hebephiles) never harm a child whereas Clay already has. And now he seeks to distract people from his true nature by banging on about not being a paedophile. The simple minded AZU bloggers may be beguiled by his distortions but I won't be.


Friday, February 19, 2010

All Good Things...

Well, sadly my holiday is coming to a close and I'm counting down the hours to my flight tomorrow. I've had a marvelous time and really don't want to leave. I've experienced things here I'd never be able to do at home and have no doubt I'll return as soon as I'm able. I'm even seriously considering a full time move here but that's down the track. Thanks to Cambodia and the people for showing me such a good time.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Too Funny To Ignore

Well, for those interested, my time in Cambodia is going wonderfully. It's all I'd hoped for and more. The people are beautiful, friendly and very accommodating; the sights are stunning; and the food is delicious and cheap. I wasn't sure how reliable the internet connection would be but so far I've no complaints. I hopped online to check my emails and do some share trading and thought I'd have a quick look at AZU to see how things are going. I'm glad I did as the latest stream of comments is hilarious. I'm about to head out to hit the bars so I'll keep this short and post the three funniest comments in reverse order:

In third place is Little Robbie Taylor. Robbie's always good for a laugh with his red-under-the-bed blog. He takes himself so seriously and thinks he's such a smart cookie but his rantings demonstrate otherwise. No Robbie, paedophiles are by definition people sexually attracted to prepubescent children. Most paedophiles never touch a child in a sexual manner and therefore can't be child rapists. But Robbie knows this.. he just enjoys lying.

In second place is AZU's most vocal pro-rape advocate: Julia Kanago. I'd love to see the video she demanded from notorious child abusers Jeremy Bolick and Clay Keys wearing their signs before she became friends with them. Unless of course she doesn't hold her friends to the same standards as her enemies. Now, she wouldn't be a filthy hypocrite would she? ROFL.. of course she is.

So who could possibly be stupid enough to top that comment?

Who else but court jester Clay Keys. 'We' have no respect for any paedophile hey? Maybe Derek's right about his self loathing after all. The rapidity with which he's managed to infiltrate AZU has been stunning. Now the guy convicted of the charge of Lewd and Lascivious Act Child Under 16 has been embraced by his erstwhile enemies and is just one of the gang. I have no idea whether Clay's a paedophile or not and really don't care as I judge actions, not attractions. He's far worse than a paedophile: he's a child abuser. He may have convinced his AZU buddies that someone who is sexually attracted to prepubescent children is worse than someone who sexually abuses them but some of us are not so blinded by bigotry as to sucked in by his rhetoric.

So there you have my top three and I've no doubt anyone reading this will find them as funny as I do. The sad part is they don't realise how funny they are.

And now it's time to hit the bars...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Time For A Break

It's been a long time since I've had a good break so in a couple of hours time I'll be sitting back in my plane seat and relaxing en route to what will hopefully be a relaxing (and very fun) holiday in Cambodia. I've not been there before so I'm not sure what to expect but from everything I've read, it should be a blast.

I expect to have reasonable internet connection there and will have my laptop with me so, should I have a quiet moment I'll post on here. Otherwise, I'll drop back in when I get home.

Dopey Strikes (Out) Again

Oh dear. It appears my favourite dimwitted pagan has overestimated the reach of her influence. At the current rate of around one signature per day, her stated goal of 10,000 signatures should be reached in a bit over 27 years... ROFL!!!

But even that estimate is being generous when one considers that three quarters of the signatures were added in the first two days of the petition being posted. Since then, support for the petition has slowed to what may generously be described as a trickle.

And it just gets worse for my little try-hard anti; a closer look at the signatures submitted shows there's been a fudging of the figures. There's 54 there right? There has to be as it says at the top there's 54. Well actually, there seems to have been a few numbers skipped on the way to the total of 54 as you can see in the screenshots below.

So, can anyone explain what happened to numbers 4, 5, 34 & 54?? Something very dodgy seems to be going on here. Could it be that Dopey-Fae expected such a flood of signatures that she thought no-one would notice if she cheated a bit on the actual numbers? Hmmm... actually, I'm being rather generous to her as most people would say skipping more than 7% of numbers is more than just 'cheating a bit'. Most people would say it's just blatantly dishonest.

On a personal note, I find the disgraceful homophobic comment left by one of my own countrymen to be rather offensive. Dopey-Fae may have couched her petition in terms of "I'm not homophobic but..." but that hasn't stopped the homo-haters from using her creation as a forum to express their bigotry. It's funny how bigotry seems to follow the AZU crowd around.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Tragic Case Of Abuse

With all the focus on the sexual abuse of children, it's easy to forget that it's just one of a number of types of abuse children suffer. Out of the West today came the story of the worst type of abuse imaginable. This poor child didn't stand a chance as he was beaten and killed by his own father. The taking of a life is the most depraved abuse possible and my heart is filled with sadness when thinking of how Zach suffered and how he'll never have the chance to live a full life. Abuse of any kind is abhorrent but denying a child the opportunity to grow, recover and flourish is the most abhorrent of all.

What adds to the sadness of this story is that the man responsible had a previous conviction for physically abusing another of his children. Sixteen years ago he broke the bones of another son and also blinded him in one eye. I find it astounding that, despite his prior record, there's been no outcry demanding a publicly accessible register for those convicted of physically abusing children. Why is it that the suffering of children like Zach matter less in the eyes of those who advocate a public register for child sexual abusers? Why is it the Victorian focus on sexuality and a fascination with all things salacious causes people to care less for the victims of physical and emotional abuse? But don't they claim to just lurve children? Of course all children are equal to these people... it's just that some children are more equal than others. Of course they want to do everything possible to stop child abuse... as long as that abuse has a sexual element to it because, as is clearly evident, in their eyes it's the only kind of abuse worthy of their activism.

The rest of us care about all kids and want to see an end to abuse of any kind because no abuse is unworthy of our attention. Hopefully one day others will grow to this understanding and stop minimising the suffering of children whose abuse they don't presently consider worthy of their attention.