Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ahhh.. There You Are

Really? Again? But you did such a good job of 'exposing' me last time. So what's it going to be this time? Another GirlChat random? Or will you actually pull out the name of some poor sap this time and claim that he and I are one and the same? I'm looking forward to seeing the 'evidence' you cook up this time. Remember last time I gave you some tips on what would approach the beginnings of acceptable evidence? I suggest you go back and look because it'll be quite helpful for you but as a quick guide:
  • Make sure the person you name is male and identifies as an Australian
  • It's also a good idea to make up some IP addresses to add authenticity - even better is to make sure you're familiar with Australia's bigger ISPs and make the IP from one of those.
  • Now, I know you guys are pretty good with Photoshop (yes, I can give out compliments when they're warranted) so if you want to make it really authentic you should photoshop the IP you've made up into some actual IP tracker reports.
None of this will make your information any more accurate but it will at least make it more believable this time and we both know you're not as concerned with accuracy as you are with having people swallow the tales you tell. I just don't know if it's good or bad news that the poor bloke you target is unlikely to ever even know you've publicly named him given how comparatively few people read your blog.

Anyway, as you've probably noticed from my lack of activity of late, you have come to bore me somewhat so I'm off now. I'll pop back sometime to see how you're getting on. I've given you a checklist of what to include in your expose so please don't disappoint me by presenting less than adequate information. Surely you don't expect me to do all your work for you?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

AZU - Where Are You?

It's a mystery. After so long bringing their own warped brand of extremism to the net, have Marina Hammond (Stitches), Julia Kanago (Violent Leaves), Jeremy Bolick (Static), Little Robbie Taylor, Dopey Fae and the rest of the gang finally recognised the futility of spreading hate and bigotry? Have they finally started receiving the psychological help I've been encouraging them to get for the past couple of years? Did they finally attack the wrong person and get their comeuppance?

I have no idea what's become of this ragtag bunch of halfwits and nincompoops and certainly wish them no harm, but in the interests of limiting mindless bigotry and prejudice on the internet I hope they don't return. Unfortunately like many other types of parasite I expect I'm probably hoping in vain and they'll be back just as virulent as before.