Tuesday, August 10, 2010

AZU - Where Are You?

It's a mystery. After so long bringing their own warped brand of extremism to the net, have Marina Hammond (Stitches), Julia Kanago (Violent Leaves), Jeremy Bolick (Static), Little Robbie Taylor, Dopey Fae and the rest of the gang finally recognised the futility of spreading hate and bigotry? Have they finally started receiving the psychological help I've been encouraging them to get for the past couple of years? Did they finally attack the wrong person and get their comeuppance?

I have no idea what's become of this ragtag bunch of halfwits and nincompoops and certainly wish them no harm, but in the interests of limiting mindless bigotry and prejudice on the internet I hope they don't return. Unfortunately like many other types of parasite I expect I'm probably hoping in vain and they'll be back just as virulent as before.

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oncefallendotcom said...

Personally I wish AZU would stay dead but they usually just go off somewhere during the summer then return in the fall. Don't get your hopes up.

I see TSand hasn't given up his unhealthy obsession with me, either. What bothers me is he has quite the unhealthy obsession with my ex-wife. It is painfully obvious that TSand is jealous because unlike him, I don't have to hold someone down to have sex. Despite TSand's show of unhealthy behavior towards people whose only association with me is something in the distant past, AZU has no qualms about allowing him to rant on their sites. I guess they only make claims of stalking if someone calls them out.

I thought it was funny, watching TSand and Logue Hater butting heads on a public forum, yet on AZU they're having a menage a trois with SC.

Reading AZU is like watching one of those asinine "Reality TV shows;" I hate them but with all the conflict and stupid human tricks, it can be amusing at times.

It wouldn't hurt my feelings if AZU would just die.