Thursday, January 6, 2011

Relevant Site Links Updated

As part of the new year's housekeeping I've checked through my links. There were a couple of expired links which I've now deleted. Some of the links are still working but the site to which they link appears to be inactive so I've indicated this where applicable. I've also added some links which had previously been overlooked.

As always, I link to these sites as they all add something to the ongoing discussion. Clearly, given the diametrically opposite opinions of many of the sites, my linking to a site does not indicate my agreement with the opinions of the author(s) of the site.

Please feel free to suggest other relevant sites to which you think I should provide a link. If you run a site I've linked to and would rather I didn't, please let me know. I'm not promising to remove the link but will consider your arguments based on their merits before making my decision.

POST EDIT: In updating my links, I've noted that a number of the links on AZU are either inactive or dead. C'mon SC, you need to lift your game and keep your site up to date.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome To 2011

And yet another year has ticked over. I wish all who read this blog a safe, happy and prosperous 2011. Time creeps forward and we evolve in our understandings and values. Attitudes, hatreds and bigotries that were once considered acceptable gradually become unacceptable and those who cling to them become ostracised. It may not happen this year.. it may not happen this decade.. but it will happen. It starts with the enlightened and spreads through the open-minded until only the lowest bigots hold out against what's right.

Have a good year all.