Monday, March 1, 2010

Ridiculous Robbie


In the blog post linked to above, Robbie launches into an attack on those who speak of the sexual orientation of paedophiles. You see, it doesn't suit Robbie's propaganda for it to be recognised that people are born with this orientation. He would rather try and indoctrinate people with the ignorant belief that paedophiles actually choose the orientation that makes them the most reviled minority group in western society.

So let's look at what Robbie considers evidence supporting his position:

Do I even need to point out that a person sexually attracted to someone with the same physical characteristics as an adult woman isn't a paedophile? Obviously when it comes to Robbie, the answer is a resounding 'YES'. A paedosexual is someone sexually attracted to prepubescent children Robbie. Therefore, by definition, someone attracted to a pubescent or adolescent person cannot be a paedophile. Of course, he also regurgitates the old myth of people entering sexual relationships with teens due to their own immaturity or inability to find adult sexual partners. Given that most instances of adults convicted of sexual relationships with early teens I've read about in the press involves people who were already in relationships with adults, the anecdotal evidence shows the 'sexual relationship myth' to be untrue. As for their level of maturity, I've not seen any study that either supports or refutes the assertion that they were more immature than 'regular' adults. So there's his first 'argument' shot down in flames.

He then moves to an even more asinine 'argument'. In an attempt to 'prove' that the paedophilic orientation doesn't exist, he cites a number of abhorent sexual crimes against children and tries to equate the action of rape with the orientation of the rapist. Again he's an epic fail. Firstly, he's provided no evidence that the child rapists were actually paedophiles. We all know that many instances of molestation are perpetrated by situational child abusers; that is, people who take advantage of being in a position where they can molest a child. These people don't necessarily have a paedophilic orientation: some do and some don't. The obvious analogy is that of male rapes in prison (the ones that Julia Kanago aka Violent Leaves gets off on). Do we assume that every inmate who rapes another is a homosexual? Of course not. We know that some are but many aren't and are just abusing the situation they're in. And, of those who are actually homosexual, is it their orientation to blame for their actions? Of course not. There's something about them as individuals allowing them to do such awful things. It's the same for paedosexuals. Some rape children but most don't. Of those who do rape children, it's not their orientation that's to blame for their actions but some flaw in their character.

So does Robbie really believe that the crimes he cites prove anything other than the fact that there's a flaw in the character of the criminals? No, he knows the truth but his redneck bigotry requires him to continue perpetuating his propaganda and telling his lies... and his deliberate dishonesty exposes the flaws in his own character.

Taylor Sinks To New Low

Just when one thought Little Robbie Taylor had sunk as low as possible, he's reached the bottom and kept digging. I shouldn't be surprised at Robbie taking cheap shots but this one had me stunned. But surely Robbie wouldn't make such an outrageous statement without solid evidence of widespread, entrenched child rape by UN officials would he? He wouldn't let his bitter right-wing 'hate everyone and everything decent' prejudices influence his objectivity would he? Like hell!! I followed the link he attached which took me to a news article dated over 3 years ago which contained nothing more than unproved allegations. That's right, he didn't even bother finding an article detailing an investigation of the claims that found them to be accurate. Instead he points to one ancient article based on nothing but rumour and hearsay and pretends it carries weight. *Sigh*