Monday, December 27, 2010

The Cost Of Demonisation


This article is a couple of months old but still I thought it worth posting here as it provides a valuable insight into the consequences we are seeing of the witch hunt culture in western society today. Over the past couple of decades or so there has been a systematic demonisation of men to the point that a lot of men now avoid any interaction with children out of fear of being labelled a paedophile or, worse still, a child molester. Articles such as these one from PACA - Link Link Link - in which they tell people to confront anyone they consider to be acting 'suspiciously' are precisely the attitudes that have resulted in many men being afraid of not only having contact with children but even to be around them.

Of course no one wants to see a child being subjected to any type of abuse but demonising all men and leading the general public to view them all as potential molesters serves the good of no-one. We truly live in twisted times.