Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Idiot Posts An Idiot's Guide

I've long suspected DodiaFae of being of somewhat limited intellect and lacking the ability to construct reasoned, logical arguments. Whist this may sound harsh, her comments on the AZU blog expose these shortcomings as she tries desperately to fit in with the other AZU intellectual midgets by parroting their insults, personal attacks and internally inconsistent 'arguments'.

Example? Here she claims that " When you attempt to throw humor into discussions on a forum like this (AZU), you mock the victims of of abuse.". Yet, this statement comes only a few comments after her contribution here where she laughs at a comment made by Violent Leaves and then adds her own perverted brand of humour. Someone should loan her a dictionary so she can look up the meaning of the word 'hypocrisy'.

Now DodiaFae has outdone herself. On her own PACA blog she's published a step by step guide to teach child molesters the techniques to most effectively infiltrate a single parent family with the aim of molesting the children of that family. The stupidity of this woman is astounding. If her article had been published as a post on the GirlChat forum, AZU would be outraged and write a post condemning it as evil. Then the half dozen contributors, including DodiaFae, would comment ad nauseum about how sick and perverted one would have to be to publish something like this. Well, no one needs to post the Idiot's Guide to Molesting Children of Single Mothers as DodiaFae has done it for them.

Good one moron!!