Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Deluded Notions Pt2

Post directed at Michael Melsheimer

However, I said I was going to neutralize you and that's exactly what I'm going to do.

If you are "ticked pink" by me and dismiss me as 'your best enemy', I can only say that's your misfortune for not taking me seriously. You will, after all, never be able to say that I didn't give you fair warning.


I hate to burst your bubble SC but the only people who take you seriously are the half dozen in your little gang. The rest of us just laugh at you. You think we visit your blog because we take it at all seriously? You're deluding yourself. We visit it purely for the comedy value. Yes, I know it's cruel to laugh at the mentally challenged but you set yourself up so well that I can't help but point and laugh derisively at your glorious ineptitude.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Jezza.. Where Are You???

Well, as you can see by the Jeremy clock in the left hand toolbar, the 150 day mark has come and gone since I laid down the challenge to Mr Static to either put up or shut up. I knew he couldn't back up the crap he'd been dribbling because it's.. well.. a load of crap, but I really didn't expect him to shut up. Still, since I put the spotlight on Jeremy, he's gone missing in action. I don't know the cause of his disappearance. It may be that my challenge humiliated him and he's licking his wounds. It may be that he's holed up in his bedroom scouring the internet to try and find some non-existent 'evidence' against me. It may be that he's been caught sexually offending against children again and is currently incarcerated. It may be that he's woken up to the real agenda of the idiots he's been associating with and has wisely run a mile in the opposite direction. Whatever the reason for his disappearance, my invitation for him to prove his baseless allegations still stands.

Tick tock Jeremy.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Deep Thoughts Pt6

I hope he gets butt raped repeatedly without any ice cream or "powder" to relax.

This comment says it all really. They may pretend to hate rape but we all know they really get off on the thought of it. No one who truly hates rape could feel pleasure at the thought of another person being raped. No one who truly hates rape could be capable of the perversion of actively hoping for someone else to be raped. Violent Leaves' own words betray the desires of her heart and the depravity of her soul.

What a truly sick individual.