Friday, November 7, 2008

Deep Thoughts Pt2

Quote from Violet Leaves:

"Jacks (sic) 'cause' for pedophiles, sex offenders and their free speech rights is such a mystery...


What VL doesn't explain is how my 'cause' for the free speech rights of her and her friends fits into her conspiracy theory.

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The Hypocrisy Inherent In The System,21598,24611493-5008620,00.html

One very disturbing trend in the punishment of those found guilty of sexual activity with underage people is the harsher penalties handed out to males than females. In the case linked to above a man and his partner were found guilty of engaging in consensual sexual activity with two underage girls. The male engaged in more activity than his partner and so is worthy of a tougher penalty but what's occured is disgraceful. He's been gaoled for seven and a half years whilst his partner has walked free.

There's no point demanding tougher laws when the ones we currently have aren't being applied evenly. It's time for everyone to be treated equally by the courts, regardless of gender.