Friday, February 5, 2010

Dopey Strikes (Out) Again

Oh dear. It appears my favourite dimwitted pagan has overestimated the reach of her influence. At the current rate of around one signature per day, her stated goal of 10,000 signatures should be reached in a bit over 27 years... ROFL!!!

But even that estimate is being generous when one considers that three quarters of the signatures were added in the first two days of the petition being posted. Since then, support for the petition has slowed to what may generously be described as a trickle.

And it just gets worse for my little try-hard anti; a closer look at the signatures submitted shows there's been a fudging of the figures. There's 54 there right? There has to be as it says at the top there's 54. Well actually, there seems to have been a few numbers skipped on the way to the total of 54 as you can see in the screenshots below.

So, can anyone explain what happened to numbers 4, 5, 34 & 54?? Something very dodgy seems to be going on here. Could it be that Dopey-Fae expected such a flood of signatures that she thought no-one would notice if she cheated a bit on the actual numbers? Hmmm... actually, I'm being rather generous to her as most people would say skipping more than 7% of numbers is more than just 'cheating a bit'. Most people would say it's just blatantly dishonest.

On a personal note, I find the disgraceful homophobic comment left by one of my own countrymen to be rather offensive. Dopey-Fae may have couched her petition in terms of "I'm not homophobic but..." but that hasn't stopped the homo-haters from using her creation as a forum to express their bigotry. It's funny how bigotry seems to follow the AZU crowd around.


Warped Ohio said...

That's funny. I got twice that many signatures for an anti-AZU bill. Funy thing is, even a couple of AZU asshats signed my petition! ROFL!

Warped Ohio said...

By the way, on that Amazon Boycott petition, they spent time signing the petition multiple times under both their regular screen names and their various online spoof names:

Even then, they only got 334 signatures, and most of those sigs were their own.

Voice of Reason said...

ROFL!! That's so funny. As if this bunch of pissants could ever hope to bring down Amazon. They really are incredibly deluded.