Monday, February 15, 2010

Too Funny To Ignore

Well, for those interested, my time in Cambodia is going wonderfully. It's all I'd hoped for and more. The people are beautiful, friendly and very accommodating; the sights are stunning; and the food is delicious and cheap. I wasn't sure how reliable the internet connection would be but so far I've no complaints. I hopped online to check my emails and do some share trading and thought I'd have a quick look at AZU to see how things are going. I'm glad I did as the latest stream of comments is hilarious. I'm about to head out to hit the bars so I'll keep this short and post the three funniest comments in reverse order:

In third place is Little Robbie Taylor. Robbie's always good for a laugh with his red-under-the-bed blog. He takes himself so seriously and thinks he's such a smart cookie but his rantings demonstrate otherwise. No Robbie, paedophiles are by definition people sexually attracted to prepubescent children. Most paedophiles never touch a child in a sexual manner and therefore can't be child rapists. But Robbie knows this.. he just enjoys lying.

In second place is AZU's most vocal pro-rape advocate: Julia Kanago. I'd love to see the video she demanded from notorious child abusers Jeremy Bolick and Clay Keys wearing their signs before she became friends with them. Unless of course she doesn't hold her friends to the same standards as her enemies. Now, she wouldn't be a filthy hypocrite would she? ROFL.. of course she is.

So who could possibly be stupid enough to top that comment?

Who else but court jester Clay Keys. 'We' have no respect for any paedophile hey? Maybe Derek's right about his self loathing after all. The rapidity with which he's managed to infiltrate AZU has been stunning. Now the guy convicted of the charge of Lewd and Lascivious Act Child Under 16 has been embraced by his erstwhile enemies and is just one of the gang. I have no idea whether Clay's a paedophile or not and really don't care as I judge actions, not attractions. He's far worse than a paedophile: he's a child abuser. He may have convinced his AZU buddies that someone who is sexually attracted to prepubescent children is worse than someone who sexually abuses them but some of us are not so blinded by bigotry as to sucked in by his rhetoric.

So there you have my top three and I've no doubt anyone reading this will find them as funny as I do. The sad part is they don't realise how funny they are.

And now it's time to hit the bars...


oncefallendotcom said...

Violent leaves' real name is Julia Kanago? And they spend time making fun of MY name! Fandango, Conoco, Kangaroo... oops better not stoop to AZU's MEAN GIRLS routine. After a while their 4th grade level name calling rubs off on is readers after a while. Next thing you know we'll resort to calling them "doo-doo heads!"

Don't forget to send me a postcard!

Voice of Reason said...

Well, I don't know for sure that's her name but the Vigilante Register says it is so I'll use it until someone proves it incorrect. I've made an editorial decision that when I know someone's real name, I'll use that rather than their pseudonym. After all, they use my name all the time so I'm sure they don't have a problem with me using theirs.

You really should make a trip to Cambodia as I'm sure you'll love it here. It's such a great country I'm thinking seriously about moving here. It would involve selling my business in Melbourne but the money I'd get for that would give me a fantastic lifestyle here and it would be fairly easy to buy a bar to run. Hmmm.. we'll see what happens.