Thursday, September 11, 2008

Truly Horrible,21598,24324436-2761,00.html

We all know that hardcore child pornography is disgusting and illegal for a reason but this story is truly disturbing and makes one's stomach turn. I don't understand how someone can be turned on by the picture of a baby bound and gagged. The man who plead guilty to downloading these images has been gaoled which is a fair sentence but I really hope that he'll receive the counselling he needs.

Of course, what is far more concerning than the person who is attacted to these pictures is the person who did this to a baby in the first place. I personally don't believe a baby is able to give consent to such sexual activity and should be protected from such abuse. Let's hope the perpertrator is caught, locked up, and given the psychological help he so clearly needs.


network marketing company said...

well this is really horiible. i wonder who will do such activity

Torchic Maniac said...

Wow! That is just bad. More than bad. That's just evil and sick. To have pictures of babies being molested is just not normal at all. I haven't heard about people that are attracted to babies but they need help to even think that babies can consent to sex because it is not right and if the person said otherwise, then you know that the person has some sick mental issues about sex.