Sunday, November 14, 2010

Farewell Zahra

The terrible news came through this week confirming what we'd all be dreading.. that Zahra Baker is dead and likely murdered. This poor child coped with so much in her short life having battled a cancer that caused her to lose her leg and have to wear hearing aids. Regardless of such trials, she was reported by those who knew her to be a happy and outgoing girl. Her father dragged her to America two years ago even though she understandably wanted to stay in Australia and this ended up being the figurative signing of her death warrant. I truly hope those responsible for her death are brought to justice very soon.


oncefallendotcom said...

Since she was killed by her parents and not raped/ murdered by a stranger, I doubt we'll hear that much on this case anymore. It is sad we're more interested in those type stories.

Voice of Reason said...

In the interests of fairness, it may appear likely that her father and step mother were involved in her death but that hasn't been proved and I support the western ideal of justice which proclaims one to be innocent until proved guilty.

As for the silence of certain other blogs on this case: I've pointed out before that they're only interested in 'mourning' children whose deaths they can use as propaganda. Children such as Zahra who are murdered without any sexual element serve no purpose for them and their bigotry and so don't rate even a passing mention. They claim to love children but their actions betray their true motives. They don't love children as much as they love using the misfortune of some children to promote bigotry and hatred.